Maybe We should Try To Colonize Venus Before Mars

The Thoughts of Andrew Charalambous

Thanks to the incredibly smart and talented science fiction writers, we are now able to picture a scenario where a floating city is made into a possibility. Venus, which is the second planet from the sun, has a hot environment and a dense atmosphere; it might be surprising to see such suggestions of building a home in such a planet. But the air quickly thins out as you approach the much coveted spot for human habitation. This floating city is a feasible project in the eyes of scientists and these are their reasons;

  • Deterioration of bones; A colony on Mars would not be as desirable since bones and muscles of astronauts have been observed to deteriorate in a rapid manner under the low gravity. Although it is still unknown to experts on how much gravity is sufficient for man’s survival, the Venus planet still at an advantageous point since its gravity is closets to earth’s.
  • Atmospheric pressure; since gases need equilibrium to balance force produced, Mars would suck oxygen at a tremendous force if there was human habitat as it contains almost no atmosphere. A colony on Venus would not need such reinforcement.
  • Rich atmospheric blocks; Venus boasts of rich atmospheric blocks which acts as a major obstruction to radioactivity. There is also the possibility of economic activities such as mining useful materials. The cooling temperatures in Venus also mean that less energy would be required in cooling the colony.

Supporting life in Venus

Space enthusiasts suggest rocket stages could be engineered in such a way that they remain floating after use for later reuse purposes. This will provide an easy way for the building materials to be mined from the surface and facilitate the chemical processes needed to produce breathable air. Then small robotics labs could be used in the experiment. These are sent to Venus and eventually release life sustaining materials. Although the project may seem a bit far-fetched in the eyes of an ordinary person, it could actually materialize in the coming years with more advanced option in the tech space become available to ambitious individuals.

The thoughts of enjoying a sumptuous meal in Venus can get you all too excited without even considering the roiling atmosphere outside the simple plastic heat that is shielding you from the harsh weather condition. The prospect is mostly entertained by brave thinkers who toy with the idea of staying in a fancy planet. Acid may be good for foods like red meat and this might be just the one options of utilizing the acid. The only problem with this ambitious project is that it will take a whole deal of convincing authorities to invest their resources to move the project forward. At the same time, the possibility of this floating planet cannot be quickly dismissed. Just like so many of the amazing inventions we have today that may seem normal but were laughed off as mere dreams in the past few centuries.

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How To Teach Your Kids Good Habits For Dental Health

Dental-HealthSince your children’s health is always high on your list of priorities, maintaining a healthy smile should be, too. Encouraging habits that will lead to healthy teeth for kids will aid them greatly in the future.

  • Good habits start early. Help your children brush and floss in their early years. During the period in which their coordination skills are still developing, you should brush their teeth for them.
  • Explain to your children why it’s important to keep their teeth healthy. When they grow a little older, allow them to start or finish the brushing routine; .this will help them get used to doing it on their own or else take them from advice from an orthodontist.
  • Don’t make their dental hygiene routine seem like another chore. Try to avoid instructing them too much and let them have some creative liberties while getting ready for school or preparing for bed.
  • Toothbrushes should be changed every three months. You can make this a fun event by setting a date on the calendar to go shopping with your children and by letting them choose their new toothbrushes.
  • There are many styles and designs available to choose from, including some with popular characters from their favorite TV shows.
  • Don’t instill fear. As children get older, they may offer some resistance to brushing their teeth at specific times and for the recommended two minutes. It can be tempting to resort to threatening statements about scary dental procedures, but this will only serve to increase your children’s anxiety about going to the dentist.
  • Making the dentist a source of fear can even lead to an unhealthy avoidance of dental appointments in adults. Rather than resorting to threats and punishments, praise your kids when they get it right and reward them for cavity-free dental checkups from the best London invisible braces.


Teach your children to brush their teeth immediately after eating candy or drinking sodas. If this becomes a habit, it will help keep their teeth healthy.

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EHIC: Why You Need European Health Insurance Card for Your EU Travel

If you are a UK resident and plan on traveling to one of the other European countries, then is it is vital that you cover yourself against expensive health insurance in the unfortunate event of becoming ill on your travels.

EU Health Card

The only way to do this is to apply for a EHIC card to safeguard yourself and your family and will cover you in most countries in the EU including France, Germany and Holland.

You can find out how to apply here.

This card replaced the old E111 form and was phased in from 2004 and in 2006 became the only card that you could apply for. The card will need to renewed every five years., so if you have one please make sure that it is valid and in date before you travel.

If you have a medical issue that needs constant treatment it will cover you from any costs and you will get the same standard of care that you would benefit from while at home.

Please note that the EHIC card will not cover private medical care or cosmetic surgery. You will not also be able to travel to a certain country just to get access the medical care either. This card will also cover you if you are are pregnant and need to give birth.

Make sure that you look after your card and maybe keep it safe with your other travel documents and Passport so you will know where it is when you need it. You can watch this YouTube clip on the European Health Insurance Card below this article for more information.

Budget Travel in London – How to Enjoy London with a Tight Budget

Many people may assume that traveling and staying in London has to be expensive. This shouldn’t always be the case, though. There are some things you can do to enjoy accommodation in London even on a tight budget.


There are many good hotels in London that offer good services at affordable rates. You should look for these hotels if you want to enjoy affordable services. You can research by looking at various online sources. Now that Internet is available in your phone, you can research easily. You can even research when at home and find good hotels that you can book. You can also talk to a friend who has visited London before to get a good referral.

Travel during off-peak

There are seasons known for traveling. These seasons attract many people from all over the world. Because of this, the force of demand overweighs supply. As a result, many hotels increase prices of their packages. If you travel during these seasons, you will pay expensively for services. To pay little for services, you need to look at the flow of clients. You should travel when many people are not traveling. At this time, the supply force overweighs demand. As a result, many hotels will be willing to offer services at lower prices.


Many people use money impulsively. In the end, they find that money has been spent in ways it wasn’t supposed to. If you would like to enjoy your trip without making it expensive, you will need to budget. You will need to plan how you are going to spend money when on your trip. You also need to list places you are likely to visit, goods you are supposed to buy and miscellaneous expenses you are likely to incur. When you eventually travel, you should stick to your budget. This can help you avoid impulsive buying that may lead to wastage of money.